"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> The engine>> Engines ZMZ-4061, ЗМЗ-4063>> Features of maintenance service of the engine
Maintenance service of engines ZMZ-4061,-4063 has some differences in comparison with maintenance service of engines ZMZ-4025,-4026.
At operation of engines ZMZ-4061,-4063 to make a tightening of a head of cylinders it is not required.
Application in a drive of valves of hydraulic pushers excludes necessity of adjustment of thermal backlashes between valves and pushers, and application in a chain drive of camshafts hydraulic натяжителей excludes necessity of a tension of chains.
Care of system of greasing of engines ZMZ-4061,-4063 is similar to care of system of greasing of engines ZMZ-4025,-4026.
At service of system of ventilation картера the cover of valves acts in film and washed out without dismantling маслоотражателя. Other operations are similar specified for ЗМЗ-4025,-4026.
Care of system of cooling of engines ZMZ-4061,-4063 is similar specified for engines ZMZ-4025,-4026. Difference consists that on engines ZMZ-4061,-4063 one belt of a drive of auxiliary units is applied. The belt tension is made by change of position of a tension roller. For this purpose it is necessary:

Fig. 4.131. The scheme of a tension of a belt of a drive of units: And = 15 mm; 1 — a pulley of a cranked shaft; 2 — a tension roller; 3 — a bolt of fastening of a tension roller; 4 — поликлиновой a belt; 5 — a generator pulley; 6 — a bolt of moving of a tension roller; 7 — a pulley of the pump of a cooling liquid

- To weaken a bolt 3 (fig. 4.131 see) fastenings of a tension roller;
- Bolt of moving 6 to establish a roller 4 in the position providing the demanded tension of a belt;
- To tighten a bolt of 3 fastenings of a roller.

Fig. 4.36. A dynamometer 7870-8679 for check of a tension of belts of a drive of auxiliary units: 1 — the handle; 2 — a scale; 3 — бурт; 4 — the plug; 5 — a lath

The tension control is carried out by a spring dynamometer on the type shown on fig. 4.36. The belt deflection on a site between a pulley of the pump of a cooling liquid and a generator pulley should be 13—15 mm at loading 80 Н (8 кгс).
Care of the power supply system, drive throttle and air заслонок, air and fuel filters, the fuel pump and the carburettor, and also behind systems рециркуляции and release of the fulfilled gases is carried out the same as for engines ZMZ-4025,-4026.