"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> The engine>> Engines ZMZ-4061, ЗМЗ-4063>> Diagnostics of a technical condition of the engine
Differences in diagnostics of a technical condition of engines ZMZ-4061,-4063 in comparison with engines ZMZ-4025,-4026 the following:
— The compression in cylinders of engine ZMZ-4063 less than 960 кПа (9,6 kgs/sm 2), engine ZMZ-4061 — less than 820 кПа (8,2 kgs/sm 2) testifies to deterioration or malfunction of sleeves of cylinders, piston rings or about негерметичности valves;
— At installation of pressure of oil the control manometre joins on an installation site of the gauge of emergency pressure of oil (a tee on a head of cylinders at the left, a carving conic 1/4 ");
шумность the engine it is checked by listening by a stethoscope at work idling at variable frequency of rotation of the cranked shaft, not exceeding 3000 mines-1.
Knock of pistons, piston rings, knocks шатунных and radical bearings (is not supposed at listening by a stethoscope), and also allocated knock of piston fingers, knock and sharp noise of a chain drive of the camshafts, sharply allocated knock of valves and pushers, sharp knock and noise of a high-pitch tone of gear wheels of the oil pump and its drive, noise of a high-pitch tone or peep крыльчатки and the bearing of the pump of a cooling liquid (listened without a stethoscope). Equal, unsharp noise of a chain drive of the camshafts, noise of gear wheels of the oil pump not allocated from the general background and its drive is supposed.
Possible malfunctions of engines ZMZ-4061,-4063 and ways of their elimination basically correspond specified for engines ZMZ-4025,-4026 (taking into account that on engines ZMZ-4061,-4063, thanks to a hydraulic drive of valves, there is no necessity to regulate thermal backlashes between valves and pushers to establish a corner of an advancing of ignition; "winter-summer") is not established заслонка.
The control expense of fuel for обкатанного the car should not exceed 10,5 l on 100 km.