"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> Introduction
Since 1995 of Open Society "GAS" lets out motor vans with all-metal body ГАЗ-2705 (with a three-local cabin) and ГАЗ-2705 "Kombi" (with a seven-seater cabin).
Since 1996 at factory release of buses GAZ-3221 on 8 (9 *) passenger places, ГАЗ-32212 — on 6 (7 *) passenger places and ГАЗ-32213 — on 12 (13 *) passenger places is mastered.
Motor vans are intended for transportation of small parties of cargoes, buses — for transportation of passengers on roads with a firm covering.
Taking into account operating experience and wishes of consumers in the beginning of 2003 on Open Society "GAS" modernisation (restyling) of the specified cars is carried out, their appearance, technical and operational indicators is thus improved.
The changed plumage with oblique-angled headlights of the raised capacity that has provided increase подкапотного spaces is entered and has allowed to establish by request practically all models of foreign diesel engines in engine capacity to 3 litres. Cars have received new, more effective system of the heating, the new panel of devices of the modern form with the electrooperated crane of a heater and a new combination of devices with an electronic drive of a speedometer, more safe locks of forward doors. Into a transmission it is entered 2-konusnyj the synchronizer of 1-2 transfers, allowed to lower effort at switching of these transfers.
The given management is a grant on maintenance service and repair of motor vans and buses with the wheel formula 4х2. It is intended for technical officers of the centres and servicing deports, motor transport services and repair shops, and also for owners of an individual transport.
In a management recommendations about definition and elimination of malfunctions, and also instructions on dismantling, assemblage and adjustment of knots of the car and their repair on the basis of ready spare parts are resulted. Lists of lamps, bearings and the cuffs applied on the car, and also lists of the moments of an inhaling of responsible carving connections, the products containing precious metals, and operational materials are specified in appendices 1—6.
As units and car knots are constantly improved, probably some discrepancy of the text and illustrations of a management of a design and to volume of maintenance service of let out cars. All changes will be considered in the subsequent editions.

* In brackets the quantity of passenger places in case of installation in a cabin of the bus of a double seat of the passenger (except buses on 12 (13) places, at which passenger seat of a cabin — double, and a back row of seats of salon — three- or four-seater) is specified.