"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> Running gear>> Naves of back wheels>> Nave removal
Naves act in film from the car only at replacement of the worn out bearings or an epiploon. For this purpose it is necessary:
- To weaken nuts of fastening of wheels, and then to lift wheels a jack so that they support planes did not concern, then to remove wheels;

Fig. 6.19. A back nave: 1 — an epiploon; 2 — a persistent washer; 3 — the internal bearing; 4 — the external bearing; 5 — an adjusting nut; 6 — a lock washer; 7 — a counternut; 8 — полуось; 9 — a lining; 10 — a nave; 11 — a brake drum

- To turn away a nut and to take out полуось (fig. 6.19 see);
- To turn away a nut, to remove a lock washer, to turn away a nut of fastening of a nave. To remove a nave with a drum, bearings and an epiploon;
- To replace the damaged details. At epiploon replacement it is necessary to make it запрессовку in regular intervals. After запрессовки an epiploon its back party should be in one plane with a nave end face.
After replacement of the damaged details it is necessary to make adjustment of bearings as it is specified above.