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On the car wheels 51/2Jx16H2 with not folding deep rim, with a disk having ventilating (manual) windows are established. For reliable deduction of boards of the tyre on a wheel закраины rims have ring ledges (хампы) which interfere lateral отжиму tyres. The wheel centering on a nave is made on the central aperture of a disk, and fastening of forward and back dual wheels — six nuts with mobile washers.
On a wheel rim the tyre 175R16C or 185/75 R16C is mounted. The design of a rim of a wheel allows to apply бескамерные tyres.

Fig. 6.13. Installation of the extension piece of the gate of tyres of back wheels: 1 — the gate; 2 — the extension piece; 3 — an arm

For convenience of check of pressure of air and pumping of tyres of back internal wheels installation of the extension piece 2 gates (fig. 6.13) is provided.