"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> Transmission>> The back bridge>> Differential assemblage
Before assemblage all rubbing surfaces of details of differential are necessary for oiling, applied in the bridge. Differential assemblage to make in a following order:
- To establish in one of boxes of satellites a washer of a semiaxial gear wheel and a semiaxial gear wheel;
- To establish on an axis of satellites satellites and basic washers of satellites;
- To establish an axis of satellites with satellites and washers in a box of satellites a groove upwards;
- подсобрать the second axis of satellites as it is specified above;
- To establish the second axis of satellites a groove downwards and from above to establish the second semiaxial gear wheel and a washer;
- To establish the second box of satellites so that labels on the right and left boxes were against each other;
- To wrap and tighten bolts of fastening of boxes of satellites the moment 28—36 Нм (2,8—3,6 кгсм), preliminary having put on a carving of apertures under bolts анаэробный hermetic "Unigerm-6", "Unigerm-9" or "Stopor-6", on 0,1 г in each aperture. The carving in apertures of a box and on bolts before hermetic drawing should be dry and degreased;
- напрессовать on the left box of satellites a conducted gear wheel and to fix its bolts. The moment of an inhaling of bolts 68—75 Нм (6,8—7,5 кгсм). Before завертыванием bolts to put on a carving of apertures under bolts in a gear wheel the specified hermetic on 0,2 г in each aperture, preliminary having degreased and having dried up a carving on bolts and in a gear wheel;
- To check up ease of rotation of gear wheels of differential, rotating one of gear wheels of a semiaxis with the help шлицевой оправки at the motionless case of differential.
Rotation should be smooth, without jammings. The twisting moment necessary for проворачивания of gear wheels of differential, should not be more than 15 Нм (1,5 кгсм).