"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> Electric equipment>> Electric equipment of cars with engines 4215С, 42150
The storage battery, the generator, devices of illumination and the light alarm system, screen wiper and стеклоомыватель, a sound signal, safety locks, devices, possible malfunctions of an electric equipment are similar stated in section 9.1"the Electric equipment of cars with engines ZMZ-4025, ЗМЗ-4026».
The starter is similar to a starter from «the Electric equipment of cars with engines ZMZ-4061, ЗМЗ-4063» (section 9.3 see).
The ignition system is similar specified for engines ZMZ-4025,-4026 (section 9.1 see) behind an exception:
1. For engines 4215С or А17Д, spark plugs N15YC are applied to the engine 42150 — N17YC or А14ДР.
2. The backlash between electrodes of candles should be 0,7—0,85 mm.
3. On the idle engine the adjusting corner of an advancing of ignition in the end of a compression course in the first cylinder should be 5 ° about century of m. т.
The first label on демпферной pulley parts should be against a pin on a cover of distributive gear wheels (Engines 4215 »see«).