"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> Steering>> Steering maintenance service
The technical condition of a steering approximately can be defined on free wheeling size (люфта) a steering wheel. Steering service includes its survey, check of fastening of units, a steering wheel free wheeling, check and adjustment axial люфта in bearings of the screw, a backlash in gearing of gear steering transfer, and also lubricant works on a card of greasing of the car.
At steering survey it is necessary to check up fastening of details. All nuts and bolts of fastening of a steering wheel, a steering column, картера the steering mechanism, карданного a steering drive, сошки and levers of a steering trapeze should be reliably tightened the moments specified more low. Then it is necessary to check up a steering wheel free wheeling in the position of forward wheels corresponding to movement of the car on a straight line. The size of a free wheeling of a steering wheel should not exceed 25 for ГАЗ-2705 and ГАЗ-2705 "Kombi" (and for buses — 20 ). If after check of all elements of a steering and elimination of the revealed malfunctions the size of a free wheeling of a steering wheel makes 25 for ГАЗ-2705 and ГАЗ-2705 "Kombi" (for buses — 20 ) and more it is necessary to adjust an inhaling of bearings of the screw and gear gearing of the steering mechanism.

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