"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> Running gear>> Beam of a forward suspension bracket and steering draughts>> Replacement of the persistent bearing шкворня
The persistent bearing is replaced in the event that its deterioration on height has reached more than 1 mm.
At a backlash 1 mm between the top lug of a fist and a beam lug there is less steel lining of a corresponding thickness is established.
For replacement of the persistent bearing and installation of an adjusting lining it is necessary to execute in the beginning operations in the sequence specified for replacement шкворня and after шкворень it will be beaten out from a zone of the persistent bearing, to remove the worn out bearing together with a protective cap.
To put into place the new bearing, to raise a rotary fist before dense pressing of the bearing to a beam, to measure with the help щупа a backlash between the top lug of a fist and a beam lug. If last exceeds 0,15 mm, to establish in a backlash an adjusting lining. Further to collect an axis in sequence, return dismantling.