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Fig. 5.29. The scheme of greasing of bearings карданного the hinge

Care карданной transfer consists in pulling up of bolts of fastening to a flange of the back bridge, fastening of bolts of an intermediate support to a cross-beam, bolt fastenings шлицевого connections of an intermediate shaft to back and periodic greasing of hinges. Before greasing it is necessary to clear details карданного the hinge of a dirt, to remove a rubber cap. To force oil follows before its occurrence from cuffs of bearings (fig. 5.29). At the first maintenance service at run about 20 000 km, probably, oil does not leave all cuffs. At the subsequent maintenance service as a result cuff extra earnings should pass oil. Absence of an exit of oil at least from one cuff testifies to malfunction of the hinge: the oil channel has got littered or the spring has come off a cuff. Such hinge should be disassembled. Surplus of greasing from the hinge is thrown out at shaft rotation.
At check of carving fastenings of elements карданной transfers observe the recommended moments of an inhaling:
- Flange of the back bridge — 27—30 Нм (2,7—3,0 кгсм);
- Intermediate support to a cross-beam — 12—18 Нм (1,2—1,8 кгсм);
- Connecting bolt шлицевого connections of shaft 40—45 Нм (4,0 4,5 кгсм).
Special attention turn on an inhaling of a connecting bolt шлицевого connections.
Before its pulling up be convinced of correctness of position of a washer and a lock plate.
Examine an intermediate support for the purpose of revealing of presence of cracks and отслоения rubbers from armature.