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System of cooling of the engine — liquid, closed, with compulsory circulation of a cooling liquid. Tightness of system of cooling allows the engine to work at temperature of a cooling liquid to 105 With.
The cooling liquid moves in the block of cylinders the pump, leaves the engine through a block head, the thermostat case in a radiator (at the open thermostat) or on a pump input (at the closed thermostat).

Fig. 4.16. The scheme of connection of radiators of a heater with краником and the electropump: I — the scheme of connection with one heater (for ГАЗ-2705); II — the scheme of connection with two heaters (for ГАЗ-2705 КОМБИ and buses); 1 — drain краник systems of cooling of the engine; 2 — краник a heater with the electric drive; 3 — the electropump of system of heating; 4 — a radiator of an additional heater; 5 — a heater radiator; 6 — a taking away hose of a radiator of a heater; 7 — a tee; 8 — a tee stopper; 9 — the thermostat case; 10 — the thermostat; 11 — the gauge of temperature of a cooling liquid; 12 — a radiator; 13 — a drain stopper of a radiator; 14 — the fan; 15 — the pump of a cooling liquid

The scheme of system of cooling of the engine corresponds specified for engines ZMZ-4025,-4026 (fig. 4.16 see).
The tension of belts of a drive of units, the water pump, the thermostat, and also service of system of cooling are similar to corresponding systems for engines ZMZ-4025, ЗМЗ-4026, (section 4.1 see).