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Fig. 4.93. Ventilation system картера the engine: 1 and 2 — pipelines; 3 — a depression regulator; 4 — the case; 5 — a membrane; 6 — a cover; 7 — запорный the valve; 8 — a spring; 9 — the calibrated aperture

The engine has the closed system of ventilation картера, operating at the expense of depression in an inlet pipe and the air filter. The scheme of system of ventilation картера is shown on fig. 4.93.
At engine work on small loadings and in a mode of idling gases from картера are sucked away through the calibrated aperture in diameter of 2 mm in the case throttle заслонок the carburettor on the pipeline 2 in an inlet pipe.
On other power setting the most part of gases is taken away on the pipeline 1.
For branch of drops of oil (being in a suspension in картерных gases) and for reduction of hit of a dust and a dirt in картер the engine at depression increase in admission system, for example at a contamination of the air filter, the depression regulator in картере, located in a forward cover of a box of pushers is established.
At depression increase in system of an admission a membrane with запорным the valve 7 under the influence of depression, overcoming effort of a spring 8, move towards a saddle of the valve 7, blocking an entrance aperture in a spring nest, than expense decrease картерных gases is reached and optimum depression in картере is supported.
At completely blocked entrance aperture in a nest of a spring gases from картера arrive only on the calibrated aperture 9.
Service of system of ventilation consists in procleaning of pipelines (hoses) and the calibrated aperture 9 and washing of details of a regulator of depression.
For washing and procleaning the depression regulator is necessary for removing from the engine and to disassemble.
At assemblage of a regulator of depression it is necessary to provide tightness of connection of the case and a cover.
At operation do not break tightness of system of ventilation картера and do not suppose engine work at opened маслозаливной to a mouth is causes the raised emission of toxic substances in atmosphere.
On the working engine at serviceable system of ventilation in it картере there should be a depression within 10—40 mm of a water column which can be defined by means of water пьезометра, the index of level of oil attached to a nest on the block of cylinders. If the system is faulty, in картере there will be a superfluous pressure. It is possible in a case закоксования ventilation channels, because of considerable deterioration of tsilindro-piston group at which there is an excessive break of gases in картер the engine.
The raised depression in картере (more than 50 mm of a water column) testifies to malfunction of a regulator of depression. In this case it is necessary to make washing of details of a regulator of depression and procleaning of an aperture 9 (fig. 4.93 see).