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The head is cast from aluminium alloy АК6М2. There are additional racks of fastening of an axis коромысел. On plugs of all valves sealing caps from rubber on a basis фторкаучука are established.

Fig. 4.34. Sequence of an inhaling of nuts of fastening of a head of cylinders

Uniform and dense прилегания heads of cylinders to the block should be made a tightening of nuts of fastening for maintenance on the cold engine in certain sequence (fig. 4.34 see). The inhaling is necessary for conducting динамометрическим a key in two stages: the first — preliminary, with smaller effort; the second — it is definitive, tightening nuts in regular intervals the moment 88,3—93,2 Нм (9,0—9,4 кгсм).
After a tightening of nuts of fastening thermal backlashes between valves and коромыслами are necessarily checked.