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The name of fuel, oil, greasing, working liquid
Tab. 11.6 see
Engine oils
Tab. 11.5, 11.6 see
Oil ТСп-15К
GOST 23652-79
Oil «Super Т-3»
THAT 38.301-19-62-2001
Oil "Lukoil TM5"
THAT 38.601-07-23-2002
Oil «Ufaljub the Unitrance»
THAT 0253-001-11493112-93
Oil «Devon Super Т»
THAT 0253-035-00219158-99
Greasing Litol-24
GOST 21150-87
LIT greasing
THAT 38.101.1308-90
Greasing солидол With
GOST 4366-76
Greasing солидол
GOST 1033-79
Greasing plastic ПВК
GOST 19537-83
Greasing I58M
THAT 38.301-40-25-94
Oil hydraulic ВМГЗ
THAT 38.101.479-86
Oil hydraulic МГЕ-10А
OST 38.01281-82
Amortizatornaja liquid АЖ-12Т
GOST 23008-78
Brake liquid «РОСДОТ»
THAT 2451-004-36732629-99
Brake liquid "Tom'" a class III mark And
THAT 2451-076-05757018
Autoliquid cooling ТОСОЛ-А40М
THAT 6-57-95-96
Cooling liquid ОЖ-40 "Lena"
THAT 113-07-02-88
Antifreeze "Termosol" mark А-40
THAT 301-02-141-91