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Table 11.1. Daily maintenance service (ЕО)
The maintenance of works
Technical requirements
The tool and way of check
Control survey before departure
To check up level:

- Oils in картере the engine;
Oil level should be between labels П and 0 rod indexes
- Liquids in cooling system;
Level of a cooling liquid in a broad tank on the cold engine at temperature 15-20 With should be not below label MIN
- Liquids in a tank of the main cylinder of a drive of deenergizing of coupling;
Liquid level should be below the top edge of a tank on 15-20 mm
- Liquids in a tank of the main brake cylinder
Liquid level should be above label MIN on a tank
To check up tightness of power supply systems, greasings, coolings. To pay attention to a condition of hoses топливопроводов
Подтекание fuel, oil and a cooling liquid, it is not supposed. On an external surface of fuel hoses of a crack are not supposed
To check up serviceability of working brake system
1. At the working engine the brake pedal should not reach a cab floor.
The backlash between a cab floor and a pedal should be not less than 25 mm.
2. At ignition inclusion:
- The signalling device of emergency falling of level of a brake liquid should not light up;
- By pressing a cap of a tank of the main brake cylinder the signalling device of emergency falling of level of a brake liquid should light up
To check up working capacity of lay brake system
The brake lever should move on 15-20 teeths at the appendix of effort 60 кгс

To check up pressure of air in tyres, if necessary to finish it to norm
To check up on cold tyres
To check up total люфт a steering wheel
Total люфт on a steering wheel rim should not exceed 37 mm for buses and 45 mm for motor vans in each party from neutral position
To check up action of instrumentations, a screen wiper, illumination and alarm system devices
At the working engine to be convinced of serviceability of devices by their consecutive inclusion in work
Care of the car after returning in park
To clear the car. If necessary wash up it. To make cleaning in a cabin and on a platform

Water, rags
To check up a condition of tyres
On them there should not be extraneous subjects (nails and so forth), and also visible pressure drop in tyres
To check up tightness of the power supply system, greasing and cooling liquid
Подтекание it is not supposed