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Forward doors are connected to a cabin by means of two приварных loops. For restriction of opening of a door and its fixing in open position there is a terminator.
Lateral door - сдвижная. For its opening outside it is necessary to pull on itself the back handle of rotary type and by means of the forward handle to shift a door. For restriction of moving of a door the rubber buffer back serves, from spontaneous moving of a door forward on bottom directing there is a terminator keeping a door in extreme open position. At door opening from within the handle of an internal drive located in a forward part of a door to pull on itself, a back part of a door to push outside and by means of the handle on a forward part of an aperture of a window to move a door back. The Same handle is necessary for using and at door closing from within.
Back doors open on 180 with fixing at opening on 90 and 180 .
The left back door in the closed position is fixed on a body by two подпружиненными clamps (the door slams and fixed). For door opening it is necessary to deduce clamps from gearing for what to turn downwards the handle located at an end face of a door, and to pull a door on itself.
Back doors are equipped by the terminators of vertical moving located in their top and bottom part; the back right door is equipped by the terminator of its opening.