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Care of a paint and varnish covering.
The car body is painted by synthetic enamels of hot drying. Correct care of body colouring consists in a timely sink with application of automobile shampoos, and also in periodic processing of external surfaces by polishing pastes. Polish the painted surface in the mechanised way or manually a soft flannel tampon with the subsequent rubbing by a pure flannel fabric. It is not recommended to wipe a dust from a cabin (body) manually. At a body sink application of sea water, soda, kerosene, gasoline is not supposed.
Care of rubber sealants
Care of rubber sealants consists in wiping of sealants by the soft fabric moistened in technical glycerine which deletes the grey touch formed as a result of allocation of sulphur.
Care of glass. To overall performance increase стеклоомывателя to apply special liquids.