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Fig. 9.1. The storage battery: 1 — a cover; 2 — a stopper; 3 — a jellied aperture

Electrolit level in the storage battery (fig. 9.1) should be between labels MIN and MAX on the translucent case of the battery, and at their absence — on the bottom edge of a jellied aperture.
At operation it is recommended to support certain density of electrolit (tab. 9.1).

Table 9.1. Density of electrolit for various climatic районов*
Density of electrolit for various climatic районов*
Climatic zones. Average monthly temperature of air in January, ° With
The density of electrolit led to temperature 25 ° With, g/sm3
Filled in
The charged battery
Very cold (from-50 to-30)
Winter                     Summer
                        1,28 1,24
                           1,30 1,26
Cold (from-30 to-15)
All year long
Moderated (from-15 to-4)
All year long
Hot (from 4 to 15)
All year long
Warm, damp (from 4 to 6)
All year long
* Maximum deviations of density of electrolit from values in the table should not exceed         0,01/sm3

In areas with sharply continental climate at transition from winter operation on summer and on the contrary, remove the battery from the car and on зарядной stations modify density.
Maintenance service of the storage battery
The battery is necessary for examining and keeping periodically clean and in the charged condition. Long stay of the battery in the discharged condition or with the lowered level of electrolit, and also long start-up of the engine, especially during cold time, put the battery out of action.
Electrolit level should be checked on the cold battery; if it is necessary, to add the distilled water. Electrolit level should be on 10—15 mm above the safety lattice established over a separator. At доливе it is necessary to turn out a stopper, to add the distilled water to level of the beginning of a carving in a bulk aperture and to screw stoppers into place. It is not necessary to suppose excess of the specified level in avoidance выплескивания electrolits.
Periodically it is recommended to check density of electrolit with the help денсиметра, having a scale from 1,100 to 1,300 g/sm 3. Денсиметр to establish in apertures of accumulators vertically. After засасывания electrolits a pear to watch at gauging that the float денсиметра did not concern flask walls.
To measure temperature of electrolit and to make the amendment on temperature (tab. 9.2).
The electrolit density depends on degree заряженности batteries. Before density gauging it is not necessary to add the distilled water in the battery and to make start-up of the engine by a starter. At degree definition разряженности batteries it is necessary to use given tab. 9.3, having brought in indications денсиметра the temperature amendment it agree tab. 9.2.

Table 9.2. The temperature amendment to the indication денсиметра
The temperature amendment to the indication денсиметра
Electrolit temperature, ° With
The amendment to indications денсиметра, g/sm3
From +45 to +60
From +30 to +45
From +20 to +30
From +5 to +19
From-10 to +4
From-25 to-11
From-40 to-26
From-55 to-41

Table 9.3. Degree definition заряженности the storage battery on density, g/sm3
Degree definition заряженности the storage battery on density, g/sm3
Completely charged battery
The battery is discharged
On 25 %
On 50 %

The note
Before installation on the car storage batteries are charged to density of 1,25-1,27 g/sm 3. The electrolit density should be corrected depending on climatic area of operation of the car

If at check it will appear that the battery is discharged more than on 50 % in the summer and on 25 % in the winter it is necessary to put it on gymnastics.
If the electrolit density in battery elements is not identical also a difference in density exceeds 0,01 g/sm 3, it should be levelled, adding in accumulators of electrolits in density of 1,4 g/sm 3, when density below norm, or the distilled water, when it above norm.
To add in the storage battery of electrolits in density of 1,4 g/sm 3 it is possible, when the battery is completely charged, i.e. The electrolit density has reached a constancy and thanks to "boiling" fast and reliable hashing of electrolit is provided.
The battery condition can be checked up also by means of a loading plug.
The electrolit prepares from a mix of sulfuric acid and the distilled water (tab. 9.4).
The ware in which water is filled in at first is applied to electrolit preparation, and then — кислотостойкая at continuous hashing — acid. Water pouring in acid is not supposed.
For reception of electrolit of certain density it is necessary to be guided by tab. 9.4.

Table 9.4. Preparation of electrolit of certain density
Preparation of electrolit of certain density
The demanded density of electrolit at temperature 25 ° With, g/sm 3
Quantity, l
Sulfuric acid

The note
Calculation is resulted for reception of electrolit of 1 l. Density of sulfuric acid of 1,83 g/sm 3 at temperature 25 ° With.

The electrolit temperature should be not more low 15 ° and not above 25 ° C.
After electrolit pouring maintain 20—120 mines and measure density. If the electrolit density has gone down more, than on 0,03 g/sm 3, concerning density of the filled in electrolit, the battery can be used. If the density has decreased more, than on 0,03 g/sm 3, the battery should be charged.
New, not filled in with electrolit, storage batteries can be stored in not heated premises at temperature to–30 ° C.
Batteries are established in one number in normal position by conclusions upwards. Battery stoppers should be densely screwed. Germetizirujushchie details should not leave. The period of storage of batteries should not exceed three years.
To store the charged batteries with electrolit in a cool premise whenever possible at constant temperature not more low–30 ° and not above 0 ° C.
The batteries which have been removed from cars after short operation, and also the batteries which have been filled in with electrolit, but not were in operation, are established on storage after their full gymnastics and finishing of density of electrolit to the norm corresponding to climatic area.
The batteries which have been removed from cars after long operation, before statement on storage it is necessary to charge, check up completely density of electrolit and its level. Then to subject to their kontrolno-training category («battery Check» see), to be convinced of their satisfactory technical condition.
After a battery discharge it is necessary to charge again, dry to wipe and screw stoppers then they are ready for statement on storage.

The note
In the battery with electrolit in density of 1,30 g/sm 3 accepted for winter time in areas with very frigid climate, it is necessary to finish density to 1,29 g/sm 3 as the concentrated electrolit accelerates destruction of plates and separators.

Reserve batteries which can be demanded at any moment for installation on cars, should be supported in a condition full заряженности. Therefore at positive temperature of storage for restoration of the capacity lost from the self-category, the battery it is necessary to recharge once a month a current 5,5—6,0 And.
At temperature of storage 0 ° With and more low monthly to check density of electrolit and to recharge batteries, if density below 1,22 g/sm 3.
At the batteries placed in storage in connection with a seasonal break of operation, also it is necessary to check electrolit density monthly. To charge them follows directly ahead of putting into operation unless falling of density of electrolit (carried to 2 °) below 1,22 g/sm 3 in a storage time is revealed at temperature more low 0 ° With or falling of density of electrolit below 1,20 g/sm 3 in a storage time at positive temperature. The maximum period of storage of batteries with electrolit at temperature not above 0 ° With — no more than one and a half years, and at temperature 15 25 ° C — about 9 months.
Battery check
For check of serviceability of the battery spend a kontrolno-training cycle:
- The battery to charge a current 5,5 And;
- By the gymnastics end if the electrolit on density differs from specified in tab. 9.1 to make operational development of density of electrolit by доливки the distilled water, when density above norm, and доливкой electrolits in density of 1,4 g/sm 3, when it below norm;
- Upon termination of gymnastics the battery subject to a discharge a current 5,5 And.
The electrolit temperature in the discharge beginning should be 18—27 ° S.Zamery of pressure and temperatures to make in each two hours.
After pressure in accumulators will decrease to 1,85 In, gaugings are made every 15 minute After a voltage reduction to 1,75 In gaugings made continuously while in one of accumulators pressure will not decrease to 1,7 V.Posle of a discharge the battery again result in completely charged condition.
If under these conditions duration of a discharge is not less, than is specified in tab. 9.5 for batteries with electrolit of the corresponding density, the battery is quite suitable for operation.

Table 9.5. Definition of serviceability of the storage battery
Definition of serviceability of the storage battery
Density электорлита the charged battery, led to temperature 25 °C, g/sm 3
Duration of a discharge, ч