"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> Brake system>> Maintenance service and repair of brake systems>> Adjustment of a drive of a lay brake

Fig. 8.7. Lay brake system: 1 — the lever; 2 — a forward cable; 3 — a nut; 4 — an arm; 5 and 8 — back cables; 6 — разжимное a link; 7 — the drive lever; 9 — the equalizer

If at car braking by a lay brake the lever 1 (fig. 8.7) see at the appendix to it of effort 600 Н (60 кгс) and is more fixed on extreme top teeths of sector it is necessary to make drive adjustment in a following order:
- To establish the drive lever in extreme bottom position;

Fig. 8.6. The brake mechanism of back wheels: 1 — a bolt of fastening of the wheel cylinder; 2 — the wheel cylinder; 3 — the prorolling valve; 4 — a brake board; 5 — колодка; 6 — a protective cover; 7 — the piston; 8 — a persistent ring; 9, 10, 14 and 28 — springs; 11 — разжимное a link; 12 — приводной the lever of a lay brake; 13 — a fastening plate колодок; 15 — шплинт; 16 — a nut; 17 and 18 — washers; 19 — a bolt; 20 and 22 — заглушки; 21 and 23 — plugs of the clown; 24 — the clown; 25 — an axis of the clown; 26 — a nut; 27 — cups; 29 — a core; 30 — a cable of lay brake system

- To remove заглушки 20 (fig. 8.6 see) in brake mechanisms of back wheels. Using a key-asterisk of 17 mm, to weaken on 1,0—1,5 turns a nut of fastening of the clown of the adjusting mechanism of one of brakes;
- To exclude a backlash between разжимным a link 11 and the lever 12 for what a special tubular key in the size of 9 mm to turn a bolt 25 clowns in a direction specified by an arrow until resistance to rotation which is connected with a release колодок (a start of motion колодок will be felt it is possible to define also through observation ports in a board);
- To tighten a nut of fastening of the clown the moment 24—35 Нм (2,4 3,5 кгсм) in position of the beginning of a release колодок. Thus by means of a key of 9 mm it is necessary to keep a bolt 25 clowns from turn;
- To adjust in a similar way position разжимного a link 11 in other brake mechanism;
- To establish заглушки in brake mechanisms;
- To check up presence of backlashes between tips of cables 5 (fig. 8.7 see) both 8 and hollows on the equalizer 9. Backlashes are eliminated by a tightening of nuts of fastening of cables on an arm 4. Adjustment should be made so that after adjustment the equalizer Would be on distance from a forward wall of an arm and perpendicularly longitudinal axis of the car.
At correctly adjusted drive of a lay brake the drive lever under effort 600 Н (60 кгс) should not move more, than on 15 teeths of the locking mechanism.

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