"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> Brake system>> Maintenance service and repair of brake systems

Maintenance service of brake systems includes carrying out of the planned works provided by the operation manual of the car, and performance of the works connected with maintenance of working capacity of the car.
While in service the car level of a brake liquid in a tank of the main brake cylinder, tightness of a hydraulic drive of brakes, and also serviceability of working brake system and working capacity of the lay is periodically checked.
The repair work connected with restoration of working capacity of knots and details of brake management, assumes replacement of the worn out details, sealing cuffs, protective covers, diaphragms, and also work on restoration and maintenance of working capacity of knots and details.
Before performance of repair work knots and details of brake management should be washed carefully out warm water with washing-up liquids and are dried up by compressed air. Application of gasoline, diesel fuel, трихлорэтилена or any other mineral solvents is inadmissible, as it causes damage of rubber details. Liquids НГ-213 are applied to greasing of rubbing details at assemblage THAT 38.101.129-80 and касторовое oil of GOST 6757-73.