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Fig. 8.7. Lay brake system: 1 — the lever; 2 — a forward cable; 3 — a nut; 4 — an arm; 5 and 8 — back cables; 6 — разжимное a link; 7 — the drive lever; 9 — the equalizer

The lay brake system (fig. 8.7) has the mechanical drive operating on brake mechanisms of back wheels.
The drive consists of the lever 1, a forward cable of 2 and back cables 5 and 8, connected among themselves the equalizer 9 and fixed on an arm 4 welded on a cross-beam of a frame. Back cables influence levers 7 and разжимные the links 6 located in brake mechanisms of back wheels.
At influence on the lever 1 through system of cables 2, 5, 8 and levers 7 колодки brake mechanisms nestle on drums, затормаживая the car. The lever 1 is fixed by means of the ratchet mechanism consisting of the doggie and gear sector. Thus the switch located on an arm of fastening of the lever in a cabin, includes a red lamp on a combination of devices.
At растормаживании it is necessary to return the lever in a starting position. For this purpose it is necessary to drown the button at an end face of the handle of the lever. The draught connecting the button with "doggie", will deduce "doggie" from gearing with sector. Under the influence of effort of a hand, springs of brake mechanisms and back cables lay brake system растормаживается. On a combination of devices the control lamp dies away.
The lay brake does not demand repair, except its regulation. It is necessary to check up a condition тросового a drive. At damages of protective covers or cables it is necessary to replace a cable in gathering. At deterioration of details of fixing of inclusion of a lay brake their replacement also is necessary.