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Fig. 8.6. The brake mechanism of back wheels: 1 — a bolt of fastening of the wheel cylinder; 2 — the wheel cylinder; 3 — the prorolling valve; 4 — a brake board; 5 — колодка; 6 — a protective cover; 7 — the piston; 8 — a persistent ring; 9, 10, 14 and 28 — springs; 11 — разжимное a link; 12 — приводной the lever of a lay brake; 13 — a fastening plate колодок; 15 — шплинт; 16 — a nut; 17 and 18 — washers; 19 — a bolt; 20 and 22 — заглушки; 21 and 23 — plugs of the clown; 24 — the clown; 25 — an axis of the clown; 26 — a nut; 27 — cups; 29 — a core; 30 — a cable of lay brake system

Brake mechanisms of back wheels колодочные, drum-type type (fig. 8.6). The brake mechanism consists of a board of a brake 4 on which fasten the working cylinder 2, a support колодок with a plate 13, колодки 5.
Колодки the top ends enter into cuts of cores of pistons, and bottom concern a basic plate on which are kept by means of coupling springs 9 and 14. Lateral fixing of everyone колодки on a board is provided in three points of fastening to which it is drawn in by a spring 28.
Wheel cylinders have the special device supporting a constant backlash between a brake drum and колодками in process of deterioration of overlays. This device consists of the persistent cutting metal ring 8 established with a tightness in the brake cylinder. The ring cut settles down in the top part of the cylinder at an aperture for prorolling. The piston is inserted into the central aperture of a persistent ring 7 so that after its turn on 90 ° the cut on a piston core was parallel to a plane of fastening of the cylinder to a board. The piston rests against a ring and can freely move in it aside колодок within 1,7—1,9 mm.
In process of deterioration of brake overlays and a drum the piston at braking under the pressure of a liquid moves in the cylinder, carrying away behind itself a persistent ring 8. After braking the piston under the influence of coupling springs колодок will move concerning a ring on the size specified above, than will provide a constant backlash between колодками and a drum.
Brake drums — цельнолитые, from grey pig-iron. Details of lay brake system enter into the back brake mechanism: приводной the lever 12, разжимное a link 11 and details of mechanical adjustment 21, 23, 24, 25.