"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> Steering>> Steering repair>> Clearing and survey of a technical condition of details of the steering mechanism
Details of the disassembled steering mechanism should be washed out in kerosene or other liquid facilitating removal from details of greasing, a dirt and particles of deterioration of metal.
Before assemblage of the steering mechanism it is necessary to examine all its details for definition of necessity of replacement of the worn out details.
Carter of the steering mechanism.
In case of detection of cracks and regional ohms картер it is necessary to replace.
The screw with a nut of the steering mechanism.
At occurrence or at jamming at screw turn in its nut it is necessary to replace with surfaces of the screw of dents in gathering with a nut.
At presence on working surfaces of a shaft of cracks and dents it is necessary to replace a shaft-sector.
Bearings are necessary for washing out in pure kerosene and to blow compressed air. If bearings have cracks, deterioration of paths качения and balls, a separator crack it is necessary to replace such bearings.
Sealing rubber rings.
If sealing rings have got out of the initial shape or have anguishes and cuts it is necessary to replace rings.