"Gazelle" Gas-2705>> Steering>> Steering adjustment>> Adjustment of bearings of the screw of the steering mechanism

Fig. 7.2. The steering mechanism: In — an edge on the top cover; With — risk at a screw end face; 1 — картер; 2 — the screw with a ball nut; 3 — a shaft-sector; 4 — a stopper of a jellied aperture; 5 — adjusting linings; 6 — a nut; 7 — шплинт; 8 — a plug; 9 — a cover; 10 — a wedge; 11 — a sealant of a steering shaft; 12 — карданный a shaft; 13 — a sealing ring; 14 — a lock ring; 15 — an external ring of the bearing of a shaft-sector; 16 — a shaft-sector sealant; 17 — a cover; 18 — сошка; 19 — a lateral cover; 20 — a stopper

Adjustment of bearings to spend at occurrence of an axial or radial backlash in bearings of the screw 2 (fig. 7.2) to be convinced available these backlashes, it is necessary:
- To turn a steering wheel on 21/2 turns from position of rectilinear movement in any party;
- To shake the screw of the steering mechanism for the fixed plug a hand; if thus the screw has axial or radial moving (люфт plugs concerning a cover of the steering mechanism) screw bearings should be regulated.
Adjustment make in the following sequence:
• to disconnect сошку 18 and a plug of a shaft 12 steering wheels;
• to turn on bolts of fastening of the steering mechanism to an arm and to remove the steering mechanism from the car;
• to merge oil through an aperture closed by a stopper 4;
• to take out two stoppers 20 on картере;
• to remove two covers 17 both 19 and a spongy sealant 16 shaft of sector;
• to remove a lock ring 14;
• to straighten бородком лунки on bearings of a shaft-sector and to remove their stripper, having excluded blows and warps on the bearing;
• to remove a shaft-sector 3;
• to turn on bolts of fastening of the top cover картера, to uncover and take out one of adjusting linings 5;
• to establish a cover картера into place and to check up the moment of turn of the screw in bearings. The moment should be 0,4—0,8 Н·м (4,0—8,0 кгс·см). Thus it should not be felt люфт the screw;
• to establish a shaft-sector 3 and bearings, having greased landing surfaces and sealing rings with oil for the steering mechanism. At installation, bearings should be directed эксцентриситетом downwards (the shaft-sector is as much as possible removed from a ball nut). Warps at assemblage are not supposed. Jamming of bearings on a shaft-sector or картере testifies to a warp or wrong orientation эксцентриситетов bearings;
• to adjust gearing in steam a nut-sector;
• to fix from a procollar shaft-sector bearings, having unbent a fillet on bearings in apertures on картере;
• to make assemblage of the steering mechanism in return sequence;
• to establish the steering mechanism on the car;
• to fill in oil;
• to establish сошку 18 and a plug of a shaft 12 (at installation of a wedge 10 nut 6 and washers should be from outside processed end face on a plug 8).